Hello. My name is Finn and I was born in June 2014 in The Netherlands. Early on my parents noticed I was different from other babies. I cried a lot more and every day things like eating or sleeping did not come easy to me. At two years of age I was diagnosed with autism. Big shock right?! Not really. Although my development may be slower than other kids my age, there are many goods things going on for me. The best part is: my parents take me all over the world and this has helped me expand my horizons and deal better with changes around me. It may not be the ‘cure’ to autism -there isn’t one-, but it has certainly made me stronger so far. Enjoy reading about my developments and about my travel adventures at this place and hope to see you around often! Nice to meet you! 




My mommy's name is Sandra and she was born in The Philippines. Mommy is very adventurous, loves nature and wildlife and is a true adrenaline seeker. She is also a sport fanatic. She loves running and in 2013 she finished a full marathon in Rotterdam! Nowadays she is really into calisthenics. She also loves diving, hiking, healthy food and photography. Oh, she can play the guitar and sing very well too! Mommy has a special talent for planning and organising, which is very convenient since our trips usually encompass a lot of activities. For Tiptoeing The World she is responsible for the content and is the main editor of all the video material you'll find on this website and our social media channels. My mom and I have a very special connection. She is simply the world to me. 




Daddy's name is Xander and he is the headmaster of a large elementary school in our hometown. He is quite artistic and loves to create digital artwork all the time. He plays the piano and is really into films and music, especially Star Wars, Steven Spielberg and composer John Williams. In 2006, daddy and a couple of friends made their own film which was released commercially on DVD in 2009. When traveling, daddy always takes me into the water, whether it's a swimming pool or the sea. Daddy is a really good swimmer and he learned me how to swim on my own! Well a little bit then. For Tiptoeing The World, he is in charge of writing the blog posts and maintaining this website. Daddy loves to play with me all the time and he's my hero! 

Welcome to our personal page! We are a family traveling all over the world with our autistic son Finn. Finn was born in 2014 and until this day, he doesn't talk. But that doesn't mean he has nothing to say. His eyes, smile and joyous spirit tells us a lot about how he experiences life. His tears and at times difficult behaviour equally so. Through the blog entries on this website, documenting his development and travel adventures, we decided to give Finn a voice. We've tried as much as possible to place ourselves in his position in an attempt to put into words his feelings and motivations.