The second highlight of our Southern Africa trip during the Summer of 2016, was traveling through the Mpumalanga Region. This region was our passage from Johannesburg to Kruger National Park and how beautiful it was! Probably the most impressive of the numerous sites to visit is Blyde River Canyon. It's stunningly beautiful and because it was quite foggy the day we got to see the above site, we saw it twice in one day. I always get the best seat available: safe and sound in an Osprey Poco Premium child carrier, a carrier my parents have been using since 2015.

The famous mountain formation known as the Three Rondavels.

The canyon portays the grandeur often associated with the Grand Canyon.

A beautiful site is Bourke's Luck Potholes, sculpted by centuries of flowing water.

Well, I didn't see much of the potholes, in fact: I was sound asleep most of the time.

We got to see the beautiful and famous God's Window, situated on the Drakenberg escarpment. It involved a little hike to the rain forest. I had a great and relaxing time.

We stayed our first night after Johannesburg in The Old Mill, located in the small town Machadodorp. We had a large apartment wih a lot of ground and space surrounding it so I could freely play around. Breakfast was superb!

Hitting the road.

Our second night in the region we stayed in the lovely town Graskop. I really enjoy going from hotelroom to hotelroom, from apartment to another. Mommy and daddy make sure my iPad is always the first thing I see in a new surrounding and this comforts me. When I was diagnosed with autism, it surprised the psychologists involved that I was able to adapt so well going from place to place. In fact; they encouraged my parents to pursue future trips as they deemed it will only make me stronger and I will bound to be able to deal better with the sudden changes life throws at all of us.

The Waterfalls Tour

The Mpumalanga Region is also known for its Waterfalls Tour, as several beautiful waterfalls can be seen in an easy roundtrip of less than 100 km. We ended up seeing 6 of the 7 famous falls in the region (Maria Shires Falls is the one we missed), the first one being Lisbon Falls.

The second falls we saw was the stunningly beautiful Berlin Falls.

Named for Scottish miners who panned for gold -not the Big Mac or Mac & Cheese- this 70m fall is called Mac Mac.

The Bridal Veil Falls: it was quite dry when we got to see the falls, but the wisp of spray was sort of magical nonetheless. To reach the falls, walking about 400 meters is required.

Lone Creek Falls: the site had limited access due to filming activities going on. The ground staff was convinced work was being done on the latest James Bond production.

It was by far the hardest fall to reach: Horseshoe Falls. We had to take a very demanding and nervewrecking unpaved road.

But despite all the beauty of the falls we got to see, the more overpowering beauty is always that of people. Mommy and daddy like to meet new people and help out where they can, sometimes by small acts of kindness like giving this mother and her daughter a ride to the nearest town as they were hitchhiking on the road close to the last fall we saw: Horseshoe Falls.

We love South Africa.

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